PaintingJan 28, 2013

As I began the process of the work "Are We There Yet?" I thought of my time as an adolescent in the backseat of my parents car on our many road trips. Driving to go camping was always an adventure. Being the youngest of four, I was always left out of my older brothers' conversations. Tuning out the noise in the car gave me time to gaze at the legendary Montana landscapes. I remember tracing every contour of the mountains as if my eyes were the tip of a pencil on a sketch pad. The drives were endlessly wonderful. It's funny how much more slowly time moves when you are young. It felt like I would stare at pavement leading into the same mountain range for hours and hours, and all I could wonder is when we would actually enter a valley under the great peaks. The nostalgia of this image brings me to that slow moving state of mind. Youth is fleeting, yet mountains are eternal. My art is a way for me to both hang on to those golden moments as well as share them with others.

Are We There Yet?


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Emigrant Peak

Wrapped Canvas Print/30 x 40